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Originally Posted by PSP View Post
This tantrum guy seems to be very positive of stuff 1,000 miles away from his home - it must be a burden to be so right about everything
This coming from a guy who calls himslef "Resident Pessimist". You wonder why I'm tried of listening to you so called "fans" of the Kings. Why can't a Kings fan site be positive? Everywhere I go, all I hear is *****ing and complaining about every single little thing that management or coaching does. Does anyone know of a Kings site that a real fan can go to and discuss our love for the Kings instead of how much you hate everything they do? Like after a loss, instead of thinking you know who should have been in the linup instead of who the coach had in, or who should have taken the shootout shots, or who should have been on the pp, maybe the other team just played a great game and beat us. You guys say it like if you were there coaching, everything would have went EXACTLY according to plan. I'm willing to bet that I've played a lot more hockey in the real world and made it farther than most of you and I'm not afraid to say that I think I know how the game is played and coached a lot more than many of you. Not everyone out there, but a lot of you. I stopped going to for this exact reason. I hate reading all this crap. Now you'll say "well if you don't like, don't come here then", and I really wish there was somewhere else besides Hammond's blog I could go to have some grown up discussions about the Kings. But it's limited to where a guy can go so can't you guys just stop acting like you know so much about hockey and be a fan for chr*st sake?

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