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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
seventieslord, please indicate WHICH leagues you include, the details of your tabulations

those numbers mean nothing otherwise....

it looks good...

imaginary? arbitrary?

if your list is a compilation of the scoring stats of all professional leagues in a given time period then indicate the details of such...

otherwise there is nothing to it unless we take it on faith that you picked the right leagues, the right stats, etc.

What I mean by imaginary and arbitrary, is that it was based on my assessment of the value of a goal scored in a league other than the very best ones. the first list considers them at par value and the second considers them worthless. the third (imaginary, arbitrary) list tries to find a fair middle ground.

My source is the database. I will get you the league info when I come back from bowling.

that's right.... bowling.

Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
As I said before, he was on my long list but I didn't have much info on him. Guryshev and Shuvalov each led the Soviet league in gooals once in the pre-1954 period, sandwiched between Bobrov's leading years.

In 1954 Guryshev scored in two of the eight international friendlies leading up to the Soviets' first ever world championships, two goals in each of two games; Shuvalov scored in five of the eight games. In the '54 world championships themselves, Soviets won their first ever Gold, and Guryshev scored 5 goals in the 7 games, Shuvalov scored 7 goals in 7 games. Of course, Shuvalov played on the first line and Guryshev didn't, so the edge in historical importance to this point goes to the higher scoring Shuvalov. But he was playing between Bobrov and Babich whereas who the hell played on Guryshev's line? It sure looks like Guryshev was the more offensive talented pivot and indeed after Shuvalov retired the younger Guryshev went on to lead the Soviet league in goals scored several times. I see Guryshev as like Bullard, more of a finisher than a passer at center, unless more info on him shows more to his game.

Guryshev would be a queston mark and extra forward in the MLD barring more info but a decent goal-scoring starter in the AAA; Shuvalov is known to do the little things right and to work hard, he and Babich the conscience and effort on the Bobrov line, so Shuvalov looks like a good third or fourth liner in the AAA and a great pick up for a depth option in the Double-A.

I sure would like to read more about it all.
Interesting. If only there was more info to go by. There is no book that I know of, written in English, that would tell us any more about these players. At this point, we probably both know all we ever will.

Groshev was a three-time all-star. though he led the league in goals once, he was not near the top in the other years he was an all-star. This tells me he did the little things well to get recognition. thoughts on that?

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