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09-06-2004, 03:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Levitate
Is there any proof that it was because barnaby was upset with how the team was doing? i mean i saw it said a lot by fans, as edge has said in this thread...but where did this idea come from anyways? i never saw anything barnaby said or anyone really said to that effect, it just looked to me like some fans came up with the idea and ran with it

if i remember the fight correctly, asham did give barnaby a pretty good licking (cuz barnaby was too busy performing instead of actually fighting) and i think it's entirely possible he got popped in the nose, which can involuntarily makes your eyes water, etc. no shame in that really except barnaby should have paid more attention to asham instead of mouthing off to the bench and other players. but, i could easily be wrong as well
I do believe he was quoted a few places with it and on the espn broadcast it was talked about as well.

If I remember the fight good enough, I wouldn't call what Asham gave him a licking. No doubt he won the fight {Which against Barnaby isn't really an accomplishment} but Asham isn't really the "hit you and make you cry type" and Barnaby for all his mouthing off usually makes sure he gets it in the side of the head of areas that don't do too much damage. Otherwise he'd be dead by now.

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