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09-06-2004, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by djhn579
It's about Buffalo becase that's the team I'm most familiar with. Go on any small market team board and propose a trade. On of the biggest concerns is whether the team can afford picking up the salaries...

But you asked for an example, I gave you two. But of course, this isn't good enough. You always have another excuse, er, I mean justification...
well of course a concern is about whether you can afford a salary or not. thats part of managing a business.

you gave me two examples and i showed you why your examples were flawed. you mean to tell me that CGY can afford to pay IGinla 7,5m but BUF cant afford to pay Peca 4m ? they made a decision they didnt want to pay him, not that they couldnt pay him.


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