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09-06-2004, 05:05 PM
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Here are some ideas I've been kicking around for the new CBA

I'm all for a 50 mil soft cap. Increase the cap by 2.5% each year to cover raises. (1.25 mil the first year, 1.28 the 2nd, and so on) A team over the cap pays 55% on the dollar until they reach the 61 mil limit, then they pay 110% on the dollar. (this will keep some teams from splurging.)

With a 50 mil maximum before there's a luxury tax, there should be a very minimum of a 30 mil USD. 60% I don't want to see other teams in the league hovering around 40-45 mil, trying to ice a competative team while others like Chicago and Boston constantly jetison any talent that's making over 2.5 mil. To prevent this, put something in there to make sure the team increases it's payroll per year so they don't do what the LA clippers do; Trade any talent for cash/picks and maintain the lowest league salary so they can collect big TV checks. Not that the NHL has any big TV contracts, but you get my point.

Also, the league-wide maximum a player can make should be around 7 mil, which increases 1.5% each year. It's what the current Norris winner is making, and it's about what Iginla and Thornton are making. Why should there be guys making 8+ mil when those 3 are in my opinion at least, the best at their respective positions right now? I don't like the fact that even Lidstrom makes over 7 mil a year.

Also, a team may defer no more than 15% of a player's salary in any one contract year, and the defered money is added onto the following year's salary.
Example: Player A who makes 7 mil a year defers 1.05 mil this season so that the team may use that money to offer it to a free agent, Player B.
That teams's payroll with player A's defered money is 35 mil. The following year 1.05 mil gets added to team's total salary in the books is not counted as being added to Player A's .
Also, a team may defer salary from no more than 3 players in any one season and pay a 2% interest on each player after the first.

And...there was more I was going to post but I lost my train of thought when I got pulled away from the computer halfway through this.

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