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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
I've discovered that when me and the other half say "stop to my left" we mean totally the opposite.

When I say "I stop to my left", I mean I skate along, turn clockwise 90 degrees so that I stop with my left foot in front. However the other half turns ANTICLOCKWISE.

So is there an actual generic right/wrong here? It'd be different if I said "stop so you're facing left", but now I don't know! Or how about if I said "stop to your left side" - I could take that both ways!

Well, as a coach, when we say stop to the right, this means that when you stop to the right you have turned to the right and you are facing the right. If we say stop to the left, it means stop facing the left. As in right hand, left hand...right stop, left stop...get it!

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