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Originally Posted by Lario Melieux View Post
I'm sure we've all messed around at practice or stick time without the gloves on. Ever notice how much easier it is to feel the puck and stick handle? I use CCM Vector gloves with the rubber strip in the palm which seems to help with not having to grip the stick too tight, but I'm looking to see if any of you have some tips or insight.

My question is, is there a glove out there that is different from the rest? Or is there a way to alter your gloves so that you can feel the puck better?
Well, back in the day, players use to cut the palms of the gloves out. But rules have changed and you can get an equipment violation penalty if the ref sees it...and they will.

The only way to really get use to the glove and stickhandling is to use the gloves all the time. Here's what I recommend you do.

Go home and stick handle while watching TV. Use a puck or ball to stick handle with. When you stick handle, go back to the basics and roll your wrist when you stick handle. Plus, use your peripheral vision to stick handle with. Once you get the hang of using your peripheral vision, close your eyes and stick handle. Concentrate on what the puck feel like on your stick with your eyes closed.

Hope this helps.

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