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03-28-2009, 01:23 AM
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Skate sharpener problems

I started to post this in the FBV thread but figured it would get lost , plus, it's a different topic.
I recently bought an Xo1 and I've got the 100/75 and the 90/75
The FBV is different, no doubt. I love the cut and the machine (90/75 is fast) but the holder from Blackstone I'm not crazy about.
I'm having problems with the centering. (one-95/Vapor 40/ Vapor 25/ Rebock 9K) I can set the holder to be dead balls level on the 95s. Then go and do the vapors and I'm off 2 thousands.
Go to the 9Ks and Im off like 3 thousands or more, (using the Blademaster gauge) I can get them all centered eventually but I should not have to make adjustments from skate to skate like that.
Even one skate from the same pair will even be off center from it's mate, usually buy at least 1 thous.
This is not bent blades. I make sure on the Rebocks to unlace so theres no clearance problems and have even taken the blade right out of the holder.
How can the holder be set for my 95s dead on and then be 3 thou off on a bare blade?? I keep the table clean, AM VERY CAREFUL to mount the skates the same way......I just don't get it. I'm thinking maybe the holder is off or bent
Second issue with the holder is clearance. My Sons goalie skates (Graff) cannot be done on that holder, period. Yes, I tried to remove the screw and do it.
Aside from all that, great machine. I recommend it.

Also, does anyone know of a custom skate holder that is made in Minnesota? Supposed to be high end, custom made holder. I was told you measure from the table to the center of your wheel and give them the measurement and they will then make a holder that has one adj. knob. Sound familiar to anyone?

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