Thread: Injury Report: Get Well Opus!
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03-28-2009, 01:48 AM
Caseys Kisses
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This is so sweet Kingpin and everyone who responded.

Over a year ago Opy smashed his femur into two pieces in a brutal hockey accident ~ this surgery was for his ACL (we have JUST found out) is totally blown to smithereens as a result of that femur break... so sadly he won't be getting well 'soon' as we have to wait for further reconstructive surgery to try put him back together. He's a tough S.O.B though and he'll be in fighting shape in no time I'm sure.

I bet he'll be online before we know it ... up to his old shenanigans

Thank you again for your well wishes in this thread...I told him about it and he was very thankful and flattered.

This little vid is a request he made that I post in thanks for your kind words:


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