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09-07-2004, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
u must not be a ranger fan, because , any ranger fan wouldnt make this poll.

jessiman is playing another year of college, so forget him.

dawes will probably play in hrtfd or juniors or where ever i doubt it will be the nhl, guarantee that it will be hrtfd with definite callups if he looks good, and if called up depending on the injury could see some decent time. but supposably he is really not strong enough yet and is not ready for the nl, so forget him.

well, balej made it to the nyr club, he is a regular thats a fact with second line ice time and if there are any first line injuries than he will proabbly get 1st line duty..

so to answer your question ,which make really no sense, since balej is the only who has a definite spot with nyr and is most ready, well that shou\ld answwer the question, please this poll is horrible , but thats just imo
Dawes is too young to play in Hartford--he either sticks with the Rangers or goes back to Juniors (he can play up to 10 NHL games without losing his Junior eligiblity).

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