Thread: News Article: Rangers Call Out Refs
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03-29-2009, 11:22 AM
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I am a die hard 40 year watching Ranger fan who screams at the refs every night because they truly suck most of the time. I will admit the 3 local team on a whole get **** calls all the time, I watch alot of hockey. Yesterdays game was a disgrace for the league. At least 3 times the Rangers were called for terrible penalties and immediately there was a makeup call by the refs.

As far as Sean avery is concerned, he has made his bed and we all knew this when we got him back. But enough is enough already with the non calls against him. I am praying he doesnt get seriously hurt before they stop ignoring this.

The Colton Orr call in my opinion was just one of the worst calls I have seen in my life. Though I do not blame the refs for this I blame the league. Please correct me if I am wrong but originally on the play there was no call. One of the linesman saw it and told the Ref and when a linesman makes a call it must be a 5 min major. This rule needs to be adjusted, 2 minutes for interfernce there would have been fine since that was what it was. And you saw exactly 4 seconds after Orr's call they made a makeup call.

Finally I hope these last two games do not cost us from seeing them in the playoffs.

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