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Originally Posted by Kodiak
Leschyshyn may have been hurt a bit in 02-03, but he only missed 8 games last year because of injuries. The other 18 games he missed because he was a healthy scratch. If Leschyshyn was a top 4 guy in Ottawa, why was he only dressed in 2 playoff games this year? He was not hurt. Since Salo was traded, the pairings in Ottawa have been Chara-Phillips and Redden-Rachunek eating up the most ice time, with Leschyshyn/Pothier-Volchenkov taking whatever ice time was leftover. Rachunek firmly entrenched himself in Ottawa's top 4. Leschyshyn was there for depth and leadership, not to log a lot of ice time.

Conversely, I can say that being on a better team made it much more difficult for him to earn that kind of ice time. He had to fight a 15-year vet and an up-and-coming kid with a ton of potential for his ice time. Here, anyone who can skate backwards can get 20 minutes a night.
as for being more difficult to earn icetime on a better team, im going to have to disagree on you with that. he did have good competition, but the senators actually play defense and they play a solid team game, making it easier to change pieces

think of it like the devils, they have their stars like broduer, stevens, and nieder but they are basically a team that plays as a unit, and their system makes its easier for players to fit in as oppossed to the rangers where everyone is just doing what they feel is best or what will work

playing with redden, arguably the 2nd best d-men on the sens and defintely a better d-man then any current ranger has to make life easier on rachunek than playing with a rookie named pock or lampman

i knew rachunek logged a good amount of minutes in 02-03 because curtis was hurt, however i was unaware that he was a healthy scratch for so much of this past season, so i will admit i was wrong, but i still do not see rachunek as a top 4 defensemen on the rangers, thats just my opinion

for him to succeed as a ranger he will have to become a smarter player and step his game up because he will not have wade redden as his partner, he will play with poti, kasper, or some other rookie

i just dont see him as a top 4 on such a bad team, however i am curious to see what he looks like in camp and this season, but i see him as a 5-6 guy for sure

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