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ATD10/MLD10/AAA10/Double-A The Undrafted Players Thread (arguably Top-1000 All Time)

672 guys were selected in the main ATD10 draft
288 selected in the ML10 draft
216 selected in the AAA10 draft
120 selected in the Double-A draft
and a couple of add/drops

1298 in total.

That presumably includes the best 1000 of all time.

And yet... there may be great players undrafted. What players and coaches were overlooked in the #10 ATD, MLD, AAA and Double-A drafts?

Who could arguably have been a depth pick on a main ATD team or a call-up quality guy if had been selected in the MLD?

Avoid listing scrubs and players having no business on at least a MLD team if not late round ATD selection (only mention career minor leaguers if there's a case to be made that a guy was one of the best in any league but just happened to play in that lower league). There might be Top-1000 players out there undrafted, especially among role players like enforcers, penalty killers, defensive defensemen, etc. Let's list some of them. State why it'd be a good pick. Give some stats or description, something. Don't just drop a name.



Sergei Yashin
Michal Pivonka
Radek Dvorak
Rob Zamuner
Don Gallinger
Art Jones
Milan Marcetta
Marco Sturm
Ian Laperriere
Daymond Langkow
Petr Nedved
Dave Hannan
Martin Rucinsky
Forbes Kennedy
Ab DeMarco


Joel Quenneville
Zarley Zalapski


Wayne Stephenson
Ken Campbell



Alexander Skvortsov
Viktor Polupanov
Tommy Williams
Harry Meeking
Jimmy Carson
Sergei Svetlov
Billy Harris
Pete Babando
Alexander Uvarov
Gerry Couture
Archie Briden
Vladimir Golikov
Alexander Golikov
Ken Smith
Alexander Martynyuk
Adam Brown
Michal Handzus
Ken Schinkel
Pete Horeck
Steve Rucchin
Mike Knuble
Alexander Kozhevnikov
Parker MacDonald
Guy Charron
Jiri Lala
Alex Kaleta
Robert Lang
Jonathan Cheechoo
Val Fonteyne
Rudy Migay
Bill Hicke
Baldy Cotton
Jiri Hrdina
Colin Patterson
Larry Popein

Igor Stelnov
Keith Carney
Zarley Zalapski
Richard Matvichuk
Shawn Chambers
Scott Hannan
Vladimir Brezhnev
Jack Portland
Kent Douglas
Dana Murzyn
Paul Cavallini
Dan McGillis
Randy Manery
Jean Potvin
Dmitri Mironov
Boris Mironov
Robert Picard
John McKinnon
Marek Zidlicky

Reggie Lemelin
Daren Puppa
Earl Robertson
Hec Fowler
Roman Cechmanek
Alexander Sidelnikov
Ken Wregget
Sergei Mylnikov
Wayne Stephenson

D/LW Wilf Loughlin
RW/D Yuri Krylov
D/RW Valeri Nitikin

Emile Francis
Marc Crawford
Jacques Martin

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