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03-29-2009, 09:28 PM
Pierre Gotye
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In high school when I swam competitively, once I was drinking a Pepsi. I swam long distance and my coach scolded me. He basically implied I'd be decreasing my performance. That the caffeine would give me a quick jump but the carbonated water would dialate and contract my blood vessels. I swam the 500 at the time (20 laps) felt great for the first 5 laps that day the 15 after felt like a real drag and coach was right.

From that point on, I never took to drinking pop during a game. I suspect red bull is the same.

Honestly what I do is get a pre-game Jamba Juice. That works the best for me, usually with an energy kick added into it.

As others stated bananas are also pure gold. They have always helped me the best. I also agree a chicken pasta dish is also really good as well. Gives you that protein+carb combo. The fruit/fruit-juice gives you everything else.

If you read around on the web, a lot of NHLer say their pre-game meals usually consist of what I mentioned from above, after copying them I can see why.

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