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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
You stated that you were glad nobody went and picked Cheechoo (121 goals over three seasons, led the league with 56 one year) or O'Neill (three straight 30-goal seasons in the dead puck era), yet career fourth liners like Dave Hannan and Ian Laperriere are suggested?

I understand that in the context of this draft, they may be just as likely to be the next guys selected since certain roles have to be filled, but in a top-1000 discussion it's laughable to throw their names out there over guys who were elite goal scorers, if only for three years.
Not laughable at all. Plenty of non-goal scorers have been drafted in the ATDs. As a newbie to the ATDs you'll soon learn this.

You may weigh offensive talent heavily in considering who is one of the best thousand hockey players of all time, but the fact is a great hockey team always has several role players: penalty killing, checking, energizing, agitating, enforcing, shot blocking, etcetera.

The ATDs have always respected those aspects to the game.

Look at the line-ups of past ATDs and MLDs and consider whom would be more valuable as a depth pick, extra forward, a Lappy and Hannan or a Cheechoo/O'Neill. The former duo have actually had long, solid performing careers at what they do (and are faster to better handle all-time context level play) whereas the latter have had peaks and valleys at what they do, and really are dead weight when not at their peak, in an all-time competitive hockey context.

O'Neill isn't good enough to be a first liner in an all-time context and isn't of use otherwise (would you play him over Lappy on a 4th line?), "ONeill... could still improve his defensive game. Must show more discipline on and off the ice. Takes too many nights off."

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