Thread: News Article: Rangers Call Out Refs
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03-29-2009, 10:10 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR27 View Post
never called him a wuss - just saying his input wussified the game - I have full respect for what he went through

my point though - is that I LOVED the hockey I watched as a kid when the Rangers and Pens both last won cups - go back and watch those games - that was hockey - what we see now is a game that is watered down to the point that it is a skills competition with pads on. The game as it is now is cookie cutter for skilled players. Speed and ahnds - which used to be equaled by size and strength - now dominate - so yeah - if more goals is your cup of tea - this is better

I for one would rather see guys do what they have to do to get it done and that includes clutching and grabbing

yes both of our teams now are better for this kinda game but that is solely because teams have been forced to adjust
Lol, I was a defensive d-man who loved blocking shots and hitting... more goals definitely isn't my cup of tea. I agree with you about the game & I hope they just find a happy medium. I hate that they took away so much from the defense like the battles in front of the net (and there were some epic battles night in night out) and battling in the corners.

I think the game will continue to grow and you'll see things get better. I don't ever want to see the trap, clutching & grabbing, 2 line passing, & no touch-up off-sides ever again though. I love when the game flows w/ hard hits & epic battles in the corners/in front of the net.

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