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Originally Posted by God Bless Canada View Post
I'd rather have Laperriere and Hannan over Cheechoo, Nedved or O'Neill. Laperriere has been one of the most effective players, for his role, in this decade. He's a very valuable guy to have: a solid

The following words effectively describe Pouting Petr Nedved: Malcontent. Suitcase. Underachiever. Lazy. Negative influence in the locker room. He had great talent, and one of the best wrist shots in the league. He had the ability to do so much more. His one full season over a point-per-game came with two of the top offensive players in NHL history on his line.

Cheechoo had the Rocket Richard season, and a couple other good scoring seasons (28 goals as a sophomore in 03-04, before Thornton arrived, and 37 goals in 06-07) but he's been awful the last two years.

Jeff O'Neill had the ability to be a big star. He was compared to future HHOFers before he ever stepped on the ice, but with the exception of a couple seasons, he was an inconsistent underachiever who left you wanting more. Four straight 60-point seasons is pretty good. I'm not sure if there are many RWs out there who have done that. But O'Neill was capable of so much more than four straight 60-point seasons.

Don't know if he was picked or not, but I expected Ryan Kesler to be drafted. Over the last two seasons, he's been, for my money, one of the top two checking centres in the league. He should have been a Selke finalist last year, and he should win the Selke this year. (Although I think a certain centre in Philly will win it this year). He's big, and he's really mobile for a centre his size. He has excellent hockey sense, great defensive ability, and a strong physical presence. He is becoming everything I projected him to be when he was in college. At worst, I think he'll be in the MLD at this time next year, and if he continues to play at this level, he'll be in the ATD in two years.
I was thinking Kesler too. He'll definitely have a Selke or two in the next few years, and by then will probably have accomplished enough to be selected in the ATD. Zach Parise was deservedly selected in the AA draft, and I think he should make the next MLD in some capacity. Same with Alex Semin who I don't think was selected either. Not the same type of player as the other two, but probably at least on par or better than a lot of the softer wingers selected.

Edit: Another current Philly center in the same mold as the first two mentioned, Jeff Carter could be added into the mix as well.

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