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09-07-2004, 10:02 PM
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i'm not going to insult the other big "three" sports. but basketball has been a horrible sport for more than 15 years! all these hand checking fouls have made the sport wimpy and unwatchable. back in the day when you had guys like lambier playing with rodman and such. it was a violent sport that was fun to watch while still letting the skill players do their thing. now its just terrible! football, i still like football alot, its still as violent a sport there is, just don't have those great defensive players like lawrence taylor, ronnie lott, derrick thomas and a host of others who made the sport alot of fun to watch. it still is fun to watch though! baseball? well when your a met fan you sort of loose interest in watching after a while. hockey is an awesome sport to watch, better when your there, but still fun to watch. although with the trap being played most of the time its taken alot away from the sport. the game we saw tonight is the way the sport should be played, high energy, hitting, scrums, passing, scoring. it was very exciting to watch! its a shame alot of teams have turned the sport very boring at times, thats why people don't watch. cause of all the traffic in the middle of the ice, clutching and grabbing, it sucks and it takes away from the talented players from creating plays, to basiclly what everyone complains about which is players floating and not getting more involved in the play which takes away flow. now they are going to lockout the players and the hardcore fans that watch hockey all the time will be stuck with nothing and the sport, which is not popular in the majority of the country, to wither and die. if anyone remembers how popular hockey was back in 94? it was everywhere! then they went on that strike and lost all the popularity it gained during the playoffs and finals. not because the rangers won but having a ny team win a cup , which the rangers hadn't won one since 1940, lost all those bandwagon fans by going on strike. now they are going to loose even the most faithful of fans because they can't get their heads straight and not do this! it will be the death of hockey as we know it! sorry for the ramble, and i have more examples but i don't want to type all night!

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