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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
I read an articale in the New England Journal of Medicine several years ago about the effect of Lactic Acid on the working muscle.

Lactic Acid is the bi-product of used up sugar or energy within the muscle cells. In fact, about 85% of your urine in lactic acid.

Now, when you skate, about 8 seconds into your shift, you will start to feel a burn within your thigh muscle. This is Lactic Acid forming or collecting in the muscle. Now, this burn is not painful enough to keep you from skating.

After about 30 to 45 second, it becomes quite painful, that you will start to stand up to help relieve the pain. When this happens, the power in your stride goes out the window.

Now, according to the article, it takes about 2 minutes of rest for every minute of work to help flush this Lactic Acid out of the muscle and into the blabber. Now, they way you do this is with water. Water, helps push that Lactic Acid out of the muscle cell and into blood stream via the blood cells that go through the kidney to flush out this toxin.

So what does this mean for you and your energy drink? The best thing you can do is drink water after every shift. Don't just drink water when you need it after you have been skating for 25 minutes. drink water after every shift to help flush out the Lactic Acid you our muscle will recover faster, which means you will be able to skate faster...longer.

Now, in this article, they also taked about runners neutralizing this Lactic acid with baking power. They found that if you take some one tea spoon of baking power in 12 ounces of water, that the baking power will neutralize the lactic acid in the muscle for about 45 minutes.

They recommend that you take it 1 hour before you play. This should be able to make that power stride last a little longer than normal.

Good Luck
Head coach
I hear that taking baking powder can give you explosive diarrhea .

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