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03-30-2009, 12:02 PM
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This part of the article stood out for me:

Others, including my son Stefan, disagree. I urged Stefan to try caffeine and he did. Once.
He took a caffeine pill before a track workout that involved running a mile very quickly, resting briefly, and running a mile again, repeatedly. Like Mr. Johnson, he was wired and shaking. But, Stefan said, he could not recover between miles. His heart was pounding and just would not slow down. He said he has no desire to experience that again.
Maybe Stefan's reaction was unique but the sprint, then rest, then sprint cycle is really similar to a typical hockey game situation. As far as the caffeine study being discussed it seems like it's championed by long-distance, endurance related sports. The 10K runner who's trying to push other athletes on caffeine and the rower who works out for 1 hour straight don't have the same needs as a hockey player.

For those of you who drink coffee before a game, do you have trouble getting enough rest between shifts?

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