Thread: News Article: Rangers Call Out Refs
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03-30-2009, 12:17 PM
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Ok, I'm biased. Biased towards the Rangers and biased against the league and refs in general. My head says there's no bias but my gut and heart say otherwise, whenever it's that combo I try to save my complaining for my circle of friends.

But if you want evidence of bad officiating, pay attention to the number of makeup call of late. Bill Guerin gets a weak call after a mysterious call on Staal for doing something to Kunitz or Crosby (and a no call on a trip and interference hit by Kunitz on that very shift). Every game I see a very bad, very marginal call by the ref in the neutral zone, even though it occurs right in front of the ref in the zone who made no call. Next play you see a crap call by the other ref to even things out.

I'm just sick of seeing these refs battle each other or watch them try to balance the Karma for the teams with poor calls. The point of the second ref was to watch the stuff behind the play. Instead we have two guys watching the same play (and not watching the other schnanegans) and most of the time, the bad call comes from the trailing ref. Either instruct the trailing ref to watch everything but the puck or take him out of the game.

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