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09-08-2004, 07:05 AM
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Originally Posted by loveshack2

And I dont care what anybody says, if you think having a hard salary cap will allow a team to keep all it's drafted players then you are living in a dream world. Just look at all the player movement in the NFL, that's what happens when you bring in a hard cap.

But the problem is that all it takes is one team, with more salary cap space than Calgary has, to say "I want that player" and then it's too bad so sad for Calgary. Even if Calgary offers the guy $8 million, if one team in the league has space to add $8 million + $1 and they are focused on getting that guy, then the Flames lose him.
Which is why the argument that a cap is equally unfair for everyone is crap. You can't equalize the abilty to scout or develop players.

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