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03-30-2009, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by kent_carlson View Post
And you are right. You might find two scientific articles from Lavoie
(ph.D. economics in Ottawa) in 1987 and in 199X. About the first one, here's a reply from another economist

Do Hockey Teams Discriminate Against French Canadians?: A Comment on 'Discrimination and Performance Differentials in the National Hockey League' MICHAEL KRASHINSKY* Department of Economics Scarborough Campus, University of Toronto Introduction In a recent paper in this journal, Lavoie, Grenier and Coulombe (1987) argue that French Canadian hockey defensemen and forwards perform better than their English Canadian and American counterparts, al- though the performance of English and French Canadian goalies cannot be distin- guished. The authors suggest that this can be explained by discrimination against Francophones which occurs at the point of entry into the league. The different treat- ment of positions reflects different levels of uncertainty about player quality. Despite some minor quibbles, I find the data persuasive. It does indeed appear that French Canadian players are better than their English teammates and that this is due to some preference towards hiring An- glophones.
Is this article from 1987?

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