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03-30-2009, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by God Bless Canada View Post
He's a guy I'd never think of picking, because he always, always, always left you wanting more.
Well, you weren't in the AAA or AA draft so you might not be aware but Zalapski is almost the pick of the litter as far as offensive defensemen are concerned, after 1284 picks. Pretend we started a new draft now, look at everyone who's been taken - who do you pick to be your puck rusher and PP guy? You won't do much better than Zarley.

As for O'Neill..... no thanks! This guy had one excellent season when he was 7th in the NHL in goals and led the league in hits. He had one warrior playoff run with Carolina and looked primed to break into superstardom. Then the Leafs got him after the lockout. He was just as slow as Allison, except for him it was a lack of effort as opposed to ability, because he used to be able to fly. He wouldn't move his legs to get open, he wouldn't move his legs to make hits, he wouldn't move his legs to get back into the play, and he wouldn't move his legs to catch the guy two feet ahead of him, choosing to hook him instead. That's why he didn't do too bad on the PP. Not a lot of leg-moving required.

To this day I maintain that he's the worst post-lockout Leaf player* and on a team that is about to miss the playoffs for four straight seasons, that says a lot.

* obviously based on expectations and role on the team. He's clearly better than Khavanov, Berg, Wilm, Suglobov(!!!???!!!) and many others.

I have 33 forwards, 13 defensemen, 10 goalies, 2 coaches, and 2 great spares. I don't exactly want to flood this thread but they're all pretty worthy players who could have feasibly been MLD guys (many have) Even doing two rosters with three goalies per roster, leaves out four good ones! What do I do?

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