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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
Well, it depends on the stick. Stuff made for college and minor pro will have a stock curve, but the selection is much greater then retail curves. You can recognize those by the pattern. They'll have a code instead of a name, say SK-11 (a random RBK prostock curve similar to the Sakic). They can also order them in a wider variety of flexes.

Once you get to the NHL you get a lot of different things going on. Endorsement deals can result in a stick being a completely different model then it's painted, a lot of the pro stock s17s are Synergies for example. And sometimes the synergies are Synergy STs, or in St Louis' case, have a different color. At the NHL level everyone gets a custom curve, but they're often based on a retail curve the player learned on with minor tweaks, but sometimes they can be something completely out there.

Flex is also custom to the player. You also don't get any info on it when buying though, so be careful there.

And they don't make the stick heavier and more durable unless specially asked to. And that doesn't really happen often at all.
Fair enough. I should have said 'the pro stock sticks that I've seen'. I saw a batch of pro stock Synergies in a hockey shop once and they were definitely heavier. I agree that NHL players generally have custom stuff, but I would imagine that most of the pro stock that you see in shops and online was not made for them.

If the pro stock stuff is not heavier, why do the (non NHL) pros buy them? Price? That's the only reason I can think of.

As for flex, it looks like you can select a range of specific flexes on the pro stock OPSs at Hockeymonkey...

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