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Originally Posted by DrTurkelton View Post
How did you know the sk-11 is like a sakic? Is there a list of comparisons somewhere? The hockey shop by me doesnt sell prostock so Im buying them online without seeing em.
Monkey has a chart:

Fair enough. I should have said 'the pro stock sticks that I've seen'. I saw a batch of pro stock Synergies in a hockey shop once and they were definitely heavier. I agree that NHL players generally have custom stuff, but I would imagine that most of the pro stock that you see in shops and online was not made for them.

If the pro stock stuff is not heavier, why do the (non NHL) pros buy them? Price? That's the only reason I can think of.

As for flex, it looks like you can select a range of specific flexes on the pro stock OPSs at Hockeymonkey...
Yeah, but if it's not listed and you're buying at a store, flex is often not marked.

And part of the draw of a stick is the light weight. It makes your stickhandling faster and wears you down slower. You want them light, the fact that composite sticks are lighter is a very big reason that wood is virtually completely out of use on a pro level. Non NHL pros buy them for the much greater curve selection, and depending on the company, they're made to higher quality standards and meet higher testing standards. There are also other custom options available to them that you can't get at retail such as grip options, or have them manufacture the stick a specific way, say if you want grip on one side of the stick and not the other, or a longer stick for taller guys...

Basically the retail versions are pretty much the same stick made en masse in a limited selection of curves for normal people to buy, and have a higher price because they add on a warranty.

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