Thread: News Article: Knuble may not be a Flyer next year
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03-30-2009, 10:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Rebel Banker View Post
So, jordan staal plays with the same fire every night, malone, hartnell, etc??? then why don't they have 50 goals? maybe it's not the fire but that they don't have the ability to play at that level every night against the competition...maybe there are nights when the competition just out plays them...there are players that can reach the same level of play every night regardless of competition and their names are AO, malkin, vinny cav.
I fail to see your point. I don't care if Lupul outscores all of those guys you just mentioned. He is not consistent, nor does he bring any intangibles to the ice. I don't care what the market value is, there is no way you are gonna convince me he is worth the same amount as Staal, Malone or Hartnell (who all bring much more than scoring to the ice on a more consistent basis than Lupul). My guess is that you won't be able to convince anyone who understands there's more to hockey than points and goals that Lupul is worth as much either.

Originally Posted by Rebel Banker View Post
for the first three months of last season when hartnell could only score EN goals everyone talked about how he was overpaid and lupul was a great the end of the season hartnell ended up w/ 20+ goals and everyone loved him and didn't mind his contract.
Who is everyone? Hopefully you aren't referring to me, because to me Hartnell has always been worth his contract. Yes, he got off to a slow start numbers-wise last season, but the intangibles and gritty play have always been there. The same can certainly NOT be said about Lupul. Its ridiculous to even be having a discussion that they are in the same ballpark worth-wise, as it pertains to what they bring to the ice. The best GM's in this league understand their is a difference between market values, and actual value as it pertains to importance to their hockey team.

Originally Posted by Rebel Banker View Post
i understand the logic of moving lupul because we are so stacked at forward that he is a luxury but that doesn't mean he was a bad signing or that should just be moved because we need to sign a 35+ y/o forward looking for an increase who also doesn't play with the same fire every night.
That 35 yr old forward you refer to is superior in almost every facet of the game, and shows alot more consistency and fire than Lupul. Just because someone is younger with more upside doesn't make them a more important or valuable player. You can't just look at it as choosing an older player over a younger player. You are really choosing a more valuable player, at a better cap hit, while unloading an inconsistent player with no intangibles for what is likely a decent return of assets (draft picks).

Originally Posted by Rebel Banker View Post
lupul and hartnell should get some credit for playing on one of the best lines in NHL most of the season and for posting the goals they have w/o a playmaking center.
No, Hartnell should get credit for the way he plays. Lupul will get proper credit when he learns to play with the same level of consistency and desire as Hartnell.

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