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09-08-2004, 01:33 PM
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The league needs to fix its financials. That's why there is the potential of a lock out. If the league doesn't play for a year or so, the casual fan is not going to care if they took out the two line pass or brought back the tag up offsides rule.
The financials are the result the environment the league created for itself. It could partially be remedied by folding some franchises that are creating a drain on the league, and would also increase the level of talent in the talent pool. Remove any 5 teams from the NHL and put those players in the talent pool, the product would increase dramatically. The casual fan would enjoy a exciting a hockey game, played with better players, rather than 60 minutes of trapping between the bluelines by the Jim Dowd's, etc. And for each team that folds, some of that fanbase would move to another geographically close franchise increasing attendence.

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