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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
So? If you don't have a player you really want to have the number of, just pick one that looks good to you. Nothing wrong with having your own identity.

If you like lower numbers, how 'bout 17? Good number, not worn too much, Brind'Amour is about the only big name player I can think of who wears it, 13 is a good one, marks you as superstitious by being anti superstitious though.

Higher up, 24's a nice balanced number. So is 26.

Anything past the 40s is going to be a bit "look at me", especially 91. If you're gonna go that route, just pick a random number that's not taken by a current or recent star player. The guys wearing 66, 99, 88, 87 and 68 all look like tools.

It's really not that big a deal. Just pick something that YOU like, and adopt it as your identity.
Kovalchuck, Carter... aren't too bad themselves.

Personally some numbers look really good

61 has been said, i think it looks good depending on your number pattern

84 is ok, or you could do something obscure like 57, 47.. most 30-50's arent used as much as other sets of numbers

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