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03-31-2009, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by stafuccijr View Post
I dont think that is a very smart idea in this job market. Hire the guy that has less qualifications with a huge red beard or the guy that has better qualifications with a clean shave...hmmmmmmmmmmm
haha that's exactly it. i came up with the idea so that i wouldn't have to shave my beard and jinx the team. and don't worry before i went for any interviews my beard was cleaned up and much much much shorter. the other good thing is thankfully, anywhere that i'd be working (due to the nature of their business) would be pretty understanding of this. the whole point of it was that, like the playoff beard, as soon as i got the job i'd be clean shaven. thankfully in my industry the companies are more concerned with the quality of your work. if i was, say, a bank teller, a corporate guy, or any number of other jobs, sure, this approach wouldn't work at all.

believe me, i had a hard enough time convincing the parents/grandparents it was a good idea. but so far the stuff i've sent out about it to agencies and what not have gotten great responses, problem is, there aren't many positions available in philly right now for someone a year out of school.

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