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03-31-2009, 02:24 PM
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Originally Posted by YotesFan View Post
SO my 4yr old Son is starting Hockey Tots, first time learning to skate. He's doing pretty good.

Thing is I can't skate and I'm 26 years old. I've gone on the ice twice now and saw a big impovement from the 1st to 2nd time.

I still can't really skate though, I can't push off with both legs only the right.

Does anyone have tips they can give me so I can learn to skate and help my Son get better.


Been a while since I was a skating instructor, but a few techniques.

One of the first things we teach to new skaters is gliding. Basically like walking and then stopping, and letting your momentum carry you. Step-step-step-glide. You've gotten past that phase but are only confident in one leg.

Try half of that. Keep one skate planted on the ice and use your other leg to push yourself along--effectively, gliding on one leg. So; put your left leg down, and push along with your right three times before allowing yourself to glide on one leg. Then switch to the other. Once you can alternate sides one at a time, you'll have the hang of it and be picking up speed in no time! Then comes stopping.

Hope this was of help.


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