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03-31-2009, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Shoalzie View Post
Must've been to make room for Josh Anderson, whom they just picked up from Atlanta. I too like the idea of Guillen as the DH...I couldn't stomach a full season of him in left. Anderson, Thames or Clevlen as the starting LF?

Bonderman, Zumaya and Willis will all start the season on the DL...delightful. Looks like Porcello will be on the opening day roster now with two starters on the DL.

I see this season being another beautiful disaster...Granderson and Cabrera will have great years but they'll be lucky to break .500.
I'm curious aboat Anderson. He doesn't draw any walks (welcome to the Tigers, he'll fit right in) but he's got a ton of speed. If he's got a great glove, stick him in left and try to win with defense.

The bright side to Bonderman is that it seems to be a question of strength. There's been rumors of a sore shoulder, but he hadn't thrown a ball in eight months since his surgery. Not sure I'm big on Porcello's going north, though. He's not going to be the difference between the playoffs and the basement, so why not let him mature in the minors? I'd rather keep Bonine as the #5 and let the kid come along slowly.

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