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03-31-2009, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Downplay him all you want but Sully is a proven scorer. We don't need to make up any excuses since those WERE all part of the problem. Second year player being in the doghouse of a system. You goofballs were saying the same thing about Cammy last year. Why is it ok with some fans that the Kings force out players the second they get to a point where they should makes some money? DL has a history of this ******** and AEG has a history of not giving a **** about winning. LA fans have a history of being gullable and not giving a flying ****.

EDIT: BTW, most of this was directed towards SFKingsHomer's comment and not yours.
I'm not trying to downplay anything. And also note that Patty O missed training camp and HE has to take responsibility for that. I wasn't saying anything about Cammalleri last year other than I hope we keep him but I understood why there was a chance we didn't. I like him and be happy if he was still on the Kings (Go Blue!).

I don't think Patty O was forced out. I think DL got a chance to get a player he thought would help the team out. Originally when it was just for O'Sullivan it doesn't seem like a stretch to think he was getting a better player. When Williams is healthy, he is a better player than Patrick. Will Patrick continue to develop? I hope so but there is no guarantee and I think him missing training camp had a lot to do with his poor season. He started off on the wrong foot with a new coach and never really settled in when others seemed to find their place. But I think it is unfair to compare Patrick's situation to Michael's. I think DL may have had buyers remorse with Patrick and we'll have to wait and see if Patrick can prove that was a mistake.

But to say we lost a proven scorer but not mention that we also gained one in Williams is misleading. I have a poll on the Kings board if you feel Patty O will out score Williams next year.. please vote!

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