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03-31-2009, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by rajuabju View Post
Feud? You mean wanting to be paid for his superb production?

I'm pretty sure Heatley and Kovy and any other scoring winger who puts up PPG numbers is also gonna want to get paid.

Regardless, I am in total agreement the Kings need to add 1, maybe even 2, offensive threats if they want to take the next step forward. But DL needs to be willing to pony up the cashola
And Im pretty sure those guys repeatedly scored at a ppg pace before they got the big money.

Originally Posted by no name View Post
Downplay him all you want but Sully is a proven scorer. We don't need to make up any excuses since those WERE all part of the problem. Second year player being in the doghouse of a system. You goofballs were saying the same thing about Cammy last year. Why is it ok with some fans that the Kings force out players the second they get to a point where they should makes some money? DL has a history of this ******** and AEG has a history of not giving a **** about winning. LA fans have a history of being gullable and not giving a flying ****.

EDIT: BTW, most of this was directed towards SFKingsHomer's comment and not yours.
Sully is a proven 20 goal scorer, Williams is a proven 30 goal scorer who bring more to the table consistently. POS wasnt producing with the Kings and he hasnt been producing with the Oilers. As far as the Kings forcing players out when they want to make money, theres several guys on the roster that will tell you otherwise.

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