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09-08-2004, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Balej20
Not everyone can skate, and even if you could skate, not everyone can put skating and puckhandling together. and even if you could skate and puck handle, not everyone can put that all together, plus factor in the speed, the unavoidable contact and actually knowing where to be out there so as to not run into your own guy. Add to it all that you aren't directly using your hands to control the puck.. You are actually using a stick through your hands to control the puck. Unlike in basketball and football where the ball has direct contact with your hands, making it much easier to control.
Not everyone can dribble, and even if they can dribble, not everyone can run up and down the court and dribble a basketball at the same time, plus factor in the speed and contact and actually knowing where to be out there soas to not to run into your own guy. Add to that the hands in your face as you try to shoot the ball or pass it.
Not everyone can hit a baseball that is coming at you at 90+mph, and even if they can hit a straigt one, not everyone can hit the baseball once it has any movement on it. Add to that the fact that you have to be good enough to hit it to a certain side of the diamond. Plus, let's not forget that you have to hit the ball with a rounded stick.
Not everyone can throw a baseball without an opposing person hitting it. Not everyone can control which side of the plate the ball is coming into. Not everyone can consistently throw a ball from the chest to the knees.
Not everyone can catch a football or throw a football or hit hard enough to jar a football loose. Add to that the fact that a reciever has to make catches in traffic where there are several would-be tacklers. And the running backs have to make it through 11 players. Not everyone can read a play to make the necessary defensive play, be it a tackle or breaking up a pass.

"So if you could walk, you can play the other 3 sports without a problem. "

Walking does not mean that you can hit a baseball, throw a baseball, shoot a basketball, throw a football, or catch a football.

"My 6 month old nephew is able to throw a ball into a basket"

Amazing. And he does this with people trying to knock the ball out of his hand or blocking his shot?

"the fact still remains that hockey is tougher to play and harder to get together than football and basketball."

In your OPINION. The majority of America would disagree with you. That is becuase they are fans of the other sports. Loving hockey as we all do, does not make it the most skillfull sport in the world.
The point is, every major sport requires skill. Skating on ice is not the toughest thing in the world if you practice it. Much like hitting a baseball is not the toughest thing if you practice it (and are capable of seeing a 95 mph fastball).

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