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Random Thoughts to close out the season for me until the recruiting rumours and such start to heat up

Congrats to UNB, on a great season, overcoming alot of injuries at different points of the season, to put together solid numbers, we really only had one bad game all year and that was game three of the AUS final, and really with allowing the HUskies to only 18 shots on goal in that game, a couple bad breaks really I dont think it was as bad as it looked

At The nationals with Tremblay Out, the team stepped up and played as a team and did what they had to do. Travis Fullarton stepped up and proved he was for real (Where does this leave Yeomans for next season?) John Scott Dixon, was and always is a true team player, he could score 20 goals a year easily, but chooses to play both ways for the team. Kyle Bailey logged a ton of minutes and will no doubt be Captain of UNB next season, MacIntosh obviously had a great tournament. I think maybe I was most impressed by Kevin Henderson, Hes a great talent, but I have always found in his two years here, he has never been a great team player, I got the impression he was more focused on individual goals, not a very good bet to make a pass to a teamate, and would rather go one on one with the defenseman. I have to take it all back now, as he was huge in this tourny, tons of minutes, he battled along the boards, he passed the puck, he skated well (perhaps his greatest improvement this year, is his skating and speed) and he was a monster on the penalty kill. There is no doubt there was scouts, eyeing this guy.

as Far as next year goes the future looks bright, Friesen is a big loss no doubt, Cuddihy not as much, with a better player in Daine Todd waiting for the new season. Not sure how many 4th years will be back, but with Gardner Recruiting, the nationals at UNB looming, and the word of mouth of the program they have developped.....cant wait

When Fredericton hosted the tournament they sold out of the passes all together, when Moncton hosted they sold as many passes as possible (Much bigger rink) and offered invividual tickets for what ever was left, I think at $ 30 or $ 35 a piece. This is something Lakehead should have done, you can advertise going into the tournament that only passes were available, but come game time, you mays well sell more, why not? Also Fredericton had anyone not interested in the afternoon pool games, or for that matter any other games, that bought passes to urge them to donate the tickets which in turn they gave out to school kids and such, it was a good idea and made for a great environment.

Bob Mongrain- Maybe its just me, but I think Moncton will do just fine without him, Mongrain took over an extremely talented already loaded team in time for the CIS Nationals, since than, I don't feel he has recruited as strongly out of the QMJHL, like Previous coaches

Pete Beliveau - I guess I don't know the full story, but I can not for the life of me figure out why Lakehead got rid of this guy, He built the Lakehead program from Scratch, and is a huge part of what is going on their today, I just don't understand what happen there.

OUA - I was totally impressed by Western and Lakehead, I knew Lakehead had a strong program going into the season, but I was impressed on how the Mustangs handled SMU and than kept it close againts UNB, there is no question, about the Division they play in, its very strong, and it obviously makes a difference, compared to teams like UQTR etc, playing on a weaker side. Its too bad they could not get like a 12 team OUA going and a 6 team Quebec conference, cause they is definately other quebec schools, im surprised are not playing hockey

The AUS - I feel next season is going to be one hell of a season, UNB and SMU will be big dogs again, Moncton and Acadia have very young talented teams that will only get Better. Dylan Taylor has done a great job rebuilding UPEI, Pete Beliveau in Dalhousie, with time now for this to be his team, you know they are going to improve, he can recruit. St Thomas is sure to be better than they were this year, and you can never count out Brad Pettles Xmen. Should be an interesting year.

Canada West - You know the Bears and Huskies will be around again, but theyre seemed to be huge improvements from the other teams, Calgary underachieved big time this year but they have talent, the Bisons always seem to be competitive, Regina, UBC and Lethbridge have made big Strides this season. One thing about the West this year, is they was not one really bad team, and the worst team was pretty good

This Board - I dont post alot, but I read this board each and every day, its awsome, Its the best place to go for us CIS Fans. And it seems to be catching on more and more. See Everyone next season, and dont be shy about those rumours in the summer, btw is John Taveres still considering 2 years of education at UNB before turning pro?

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