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04-01-2009, 01:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Telos View Post
Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Pretty much exactly what Legionnaire said. As I have already explained my position to another that questioned the 50 goal scorer line of my post... I intentionally put in the word "potential" to try and give the requirement leeway. There are a lot of players that could potentially pot that many goals in a season, I wasn't trying to insinuate that we will only look at established 50 goal scorers because that is nuts... I acknowledge that the requirement is too high and ridiculous, I am not trying to come off as only someone that pots 50 will make a trade justifiable... I am just saying that the Kings will not trade the pick unless a franchise offensive threat is coming the other way.

Whether or not Dean agrees with my high standard is another thing since he has now stated that he will be shopping the pick in an acute capacity towards select players he believes are "the right fit." I am not saying the pick would be traded straight up for someone like Kovalchuk, it would obviously be included in a much broader and expensive package, but I don't believe Atlanta will listen to any deals of the sort unless a serious overpayment was on the table... I don't think Lombardi is going to be successful in trading the pick for such a player and I think they will use the pick and work on other trades and free agency signings throughout the rest of the off-season.
this is spot on.

realistically i would expect our first, fro, and a prospect like moller or lewis to be offered up in a deal for a guy like kovie.

it should definitely be a pretty intriguing offseason for us. if you make a huge trade like that do you still go after a guy like gabby? should be very very interesting, and i think we'll have a squad that will be pretty darn competitive and very young.

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