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09-09-2004, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by WHurricane16
The Activision sued Viacom for similar.,1,12085,00.html

If all overwhelming large group of season ticket holders get together, it wouldn't "thrown out so fast it won't be funny".
This is a completely different monkey here...

Activision was losing money because of Viacom's management of the "enterprise" (a.k.a. NHL).

How is a fan losing money? They're bored and upset but not losing money financially.

If ANYBODY could sue in these instances it would be arenas, sponsors, or TV stations... NOT the fans.

The season ticket holders have deposits down which they will get back if there is no season. Activision puts tons of $$$ into their product and hope to turn a profit on it. It is a COMPLETELY different monkey.

Activision has a contract with Viacom. The only contract a fan has with an NHL team is the fan paying their season ticket balance, if there is no season, there's nothing to pay.

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