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09-09-2004, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by no13matssundin
Ok, most of you will be all like "thats stupid", but lets think about this...

All of us, ALL OF US, have heard from older hockey fans "Man, this game you called 'hockey' is NOTHING like the old time hockey".. and we all rolled our eyes and said sure-sure... well guess what...


Folks, we've been priviledged enough to witness ubelievable hockey the last 2 weeks... I mean, the endless tape-to-tape passing, the speed-speed-speed, the GREAT scoring plays... the hockey as JUST BEEN AMAZING.

And to those who say "I wouldnt watch an 8-1, 7-2 game".. If I had followed that reasoning, I would have missed that JUST AMAZING 4th goal by Team Canada last night... the tick-tack-toe Mario-to-Iggy-to-Sakic goal last night! According to that reasoning, a 5-0 game would suck... funny, it DIDNT SUCK LAST NIGHT.

So, in light of the unbelievable hockey we've seen, its time the NHL just died and restarted as a 8 to 12 team league. Only allow the best of the best of the best to play... like they used to. As one Toronto paper said earlier this week. "Who would want the NHL to restart after this kind of play... they'll be shamed into stopping."

I know its never going to happen (or rather, it COULD happen if there was an extended extended extended lockout, but theres word that there may be a coming settlement), but I used to be all about "growing the sport" and "extending its reach".. PFFFT, not anymore. Keep it small. Keep it good.

I want old time Hockey. 8 to 12 teams at MOST. Bring back the good old days of fast, high-scoring hockey. Thoughts?
The problem with the NHL's level of play has more to do with the coaching than it does the overall talent level. Coaches realized that defense wins games and more importantly it wins championships. If the systems that coaches were implementing right now weren't defensive systems, you'd see less players with little offensive talent in the league and more players that are stuck in the AHL because their size and defensive ability and/or commitment.

Even if it was feasible to go to 10-12 teams, the defensive game would eventually return. At first, it would be very offensive because coaches would love having all the talent. But, eventually they'd realize that the better defense the team plays, the more likely they are to win and slowly more defensively minded players would replace what offensive players are playing on the lower two lines.

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