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09-09-2004, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd
There are a lot of flaws in your theory. Not the least of which is that it is spawned from the mind of a hockey fan of a team that would be a certain keeper. A Canadian team...Toronto??? Would it be fine with you if the NHL became a Canadian team only league?

You say you loved the 5-0 game last night. You loved the tick tack toe goal that was scored. Would you have been as excited if the 5-0 score had been in the Slovak's favor? Did you enjoy the blow outs of the Germans as much? Its not hard to see that you are little more than a homer.

If there were only 8 teams and Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver were 6 of the teams and you added NY and Detroit as boarder towns, the sport would disappear from the national scene in the United States. As a Canadian, I am pretty sure that you don't give a crap about the American hockey fan.

Your theory that drastically cutting the number of teams and then loading each of the remaining teams with a higher level of talent is going to increase scoring is flawed too. Its like you are forgetting that while each team is loading up on forwards, each team is also loading up on defensemen and goaltenders. That todays #3-4 defenseman is a 5, 6 or 7 in your new league.

I think you are also forgetting that even in this world cup all of the teams are playing the trap. The only team that didnt trap was team USA for the first two games and they nearly got run out of the building trying that. By the way...what was the score of the team Canada vs team USA game??? 2-1, right? is that what you meant by high scoring, old time hockey? Try to remember that the Slovak team
was very much undermanned and totally outclassed by the Canadian team. Do you really think that there will be a 5-4 game in any of the remaining games of the world cup? Broduer, Esche, Kiprisoff and Vokuon. I don't think so.
While I do care about this sport and its continued growth in the U.S. the facts are the facts. The game has nowhere to go in the States. The point is the teams in Canada may be in trouble financially, but you can't question their love of the game. In the States it is about hot and cold. The Canes are horrible and were horrible even when they were in Hartford, but for one season they put it together and got some luck, and made it to the finals. During that run, hockey actually made it to page 8 in the Carolina sports pages. Fans watched and the rink was full. The next year the team played down to where it should be, and guess what? That's right their fans were more interested in everything else. I don't want to stereotype all Americans with this, because obviously there are loads of passionate fans, but not nearly enough to make a difference. The simple fact is that if Bettman wasn't so infatuated with all that new franchise money which no doubt clouded his judgement, he would have realized then what has become painfully obvious now, that there are too many cities that should never have been given teams. While the owners cry poor, they continue to right off all of those losses against their corporations profits. Why else do you think that given the state of the game, where 2/3 of the league is in the red, would franchises be snapped up in a heartbeat if allowed? I do not want to offend any fans, so I won't state the teams I would get rid of but it would make the game better and the teams stronger. It would also solve much of what the owners and NHLPA are arguing about right now. That's my take on it!

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