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09-09-2004, 11:31 AM
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1) The rules will never be enforced as written. Scrap the league
2) The game will never be a success in the south despite the best efforts of everyone involved. Scrap the league
3) The talent pool is much too diluted with muckers and plumbers. Scrap the league
4) The ice surface is the same size now with players in excess of 6' 6" as when players rarely topped 6' 2". Owners won't take out seats to expand the ice surface. Scrap the league
5) The economics of ownership overspending and reliance on the vagaries of the exchange rate will lead to the eventual doom of most US and Canadian teams. Scrap the league
6) TV viewership peaked years ago in the States and isn't coming back. Times have changed, TV revenue will continue to plumment with each consecutive broadcast deal in the States. Scrap the league.

I love the NHL and have subscribed to the NHL Center Ice package for three years in a row and watched nearly every game of my team that was broadcast.

Although I would miss it, hockey isn't the center of my particular universe and as such, if tearing down the house to have it rebuilt a little better is the solution, then I say go for it.

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