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09-09-2004, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckhead
While I do care about this sport and its continued growth in the U.S. the facts are the facts. The game has nowhere to go in the States. The point is the teams in Canada may be in trouble financially, but you can't question their love of the game. In the States it is about hot and cold. The Canes are horrible and were horrible even when they were in Hartford, but for one season they put it together and got some luck, and made it to the finals. During that run, hockey actually made it to page 8 in the Carolina sports pages. Fans watched and the rink was full. The next year the team played down to where it should be, and guess what? That's right their fans were more interested in everything else. I don't want to stereotype all Americans with this, because obviously there are loads of passionate fans, but not nearly enough to make a difference. The simple fact is that if Bettman wasn't so infatuated with all that new franchise money which no doubt clouded his judgement, he would have realized then what has become painfully obvious now, that there are too many cities that should never have been given teams. While the owners cry poor, they continue to right off all of those losses against their corporations profits. Why else do you think that given the state of the game, where 2/3 of the league is in the red, would franchises be snapped up in a heartbeat if allowed? I do not want to offend any fans, so I won't state the teams I would get rid of but it would make the game better and the teams stronger. It would also solve much of what the owners and NHLPA are arguing about right now. That's my take on it!
I live in NC not too far from Raleigh. Your treatment of NHL coverage in raleigh is wrong. The Stanley cup period was off the charts. However, lets talk about those unnamed teams that you favor dumping out of the league. I bet they are all out of the playoff teams. If not, then they are teams with overwhelmingly losing histories like Tampa Bay. Are you ready to dump the Boston Bruins out because they won't spend the money to compete and their fans won't buy tickets to the tune of 24th in the league in attendance last year? Are you ready to dump the Chicago Blackhawks because their ownership is just inept? Are you ready to dump the Edmonton Oilers because they just can't keep up financially? no. I am sure you want to dump from the likes of Washington(based on one bad season even), Tampa, Florida, Atlanta and Pheonix because they are in the south. Why not Dallas? the truth is that if any of those 4 teams had years of top playoff play and a stanley cup like Dallas has they would be a very well attended franchise as well.

The problem with your anti southern expansion point of view is that those teams have not had a chance to mature and lets face it, winning matters.

who are the teams you would dump and why?

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