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Originally Posted by txpd
I live in NC not too far from Raleigh. Your treatment of NHL coverage in raleigh is wrong. The Stanley cup period was off the charts. However, lets talk about those unnamed teams that you favor dumping out of the league. I bet they are all out of the playoff teams. If not, then they are teams with overwhelmingly losing histories like Tampa Bay. Are you ready to dump the Boston Bruins out because they won't spend the money to compete and their fans won't buy tickets to the tune of 24th in the league in attendance last year? Are you ready to dump the Chicago Blackhawks because their ownership is just inept? Are you ready to dump the Edmonton Oilers because they just can't keep up financially? no. I am sure you want to dump from the likes of Washington(based on one bad season even), Tampa, Florida, Atlanta and Pheonix because they are in the south. Why not Dallas? the truth is that if any of those 4 teams had years of top playoff play and a stanley cup like Dallas has they would be a very well attended franchise as well.

The problem with your anti southern expansion point of view is that those teams have not had a chance to mature and lets face it, winning matters.

who are the teams you would dump and why?

You make some very good points, and it was well thought out, cudos for that. However, you would have to admit that with all of the teams you mentioned, with the exception of Edmonton, that hockey is way down on the popular sports list for fans in those cities. That doesn't mean that those teams should be out of the league, but without a major TV deal, and revenue sharing being unlikely, these teams will have a hard time making it. By the same token spending money doesn't equal a competitive team. Look no further than the Rangers. There are a handful of teams that have unique situations where the fans just keep coming and they have a license to print money. I agree that winning has a lot to do with it, but building a team that is in the upper echelon every year is getting to be harder to do, and that means that those teams whose fans only follow the winners will be hard pressed to compete. Take the Jays in Toronto. They won back to back World Series and then have not made the post season since. They had the record for fan attendance at over 4 million for 4-5 straight years. Once the team lost its winning ways, they lost their fan base aswell. Teams like Minnesota, Columbus, Atlanta, Nashville, will be given the benefit of the doubt for now, because they are new franchises. When the fans decide, and they will, that this team has had enough time to build and still have nothing to show for it, the fans will choose to spend their hard earned dollars on something else. You can't possibly disagree with that. The Kings, San Jose, Florida, Tampa, Carolina, all have had time and while steps have been taken to fix shortcomings, they continue by and large to struggle. Do not get me wrong, every team in the league has a group of hard core hockey fans, who will go to the wall for their team. Unfortunately, the owners are not in it for the fans, they are in it for the money, and once they realize it is no longer worth their while they will sell the team or move it somewhere else. I feel for you, in that you are caught up in a situation that is dictated by a combination of the ownership, and the fact that without a major TV deal and an equal playing field, by way of a salary cap or serious revenue sharing the teams hands are tied. I wouldn't want someone telling me my team shouldn't be in the league any more then you do, but I am looking at the numbers and seeing no way out long term. With regards to Chicago, Boston, and the like, I think that they have been around long enough and I believe that they have enough fans who will support them regardless of a losing season. What you will find with some teams, especially the original six, is that if the team doesn't do well, the fans will simply not show up to games. Keep in mind that Boston has made the playoffs for 28 or 30 staight years. I hope you don't take this the wrong way, as it was not intended to offend anyone, but the numbers don't lie, only those who are heads of the players union, and the leaders for the owners do. Get over your grandiose egos and put your fans first for once, and get this deal done. We are after all the ones who make it possible for the owners to give the players too much money! That's our money, and yet we get no say. We have to sit idly by and watch as these morons try to exercise their own agendas. So they can stand next to eachother at the urinals and see who carries the bigger stick. The longer this lockout goes the more the game is irreparably damaged, and as we've just talked about, our game is not in good enough shape going in, to possibly even make it out!

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