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09-09-2004, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by theBob
If you want to save the game, just take out the teams in the south: Nashville, Atlanta, Carolina, Florida and some other non hockey market teams like Anaheim. The talent level will get a huge boost, there will be less clutching and grabbing as a result, the teams will be more evenly matched, and more people will want to see that!
How does removing hockey from the South save the game? By completely ignoring a huge potential market, the NHL does themselves no good. Why not include TB in that group? They are from the South too. Oh, it's because they've won a cup. Give teams like Nashville and Atlanta a chance to develop into maturity before calling for their heads. Teams like Nashville, Florida, and Atlanta have very bright futures and could be very successful teams. What better way to a build a fanbase out of nothing than to put a winner in a non-traditional market.

It's win-win situation for both players and owners. The inclusion of a massive market like the South has the ability to bring in big streams of revenue allowing players to be paid more while also allowing for more jobs.

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