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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
Are you new to watching MLB? Cuz, lets be serious, spring training statistics have almost zero value.

Chan Ho Park has pitched 1,846 innings in MLB. There has been one truth throughout his career. He is a very, very tough pitcher to face in Dodger Stadium. You want to see him on the mound across from you in nearly every other stadium in the league. As he gets his ass lit up.

CBP is likely to be a nightmare for him. They never should have signed him.

Hey, hope you're right. But he has a long track record...and you know what's funny about change-ups? They are only effective if people respect your fastball. People tend to hit Chan Ho's out of the park.
ok they came in this spring saying whoever pitched better would start. chan ho did that so you guys gotta give up the happ argument cause apparently spring training statistics meant everything this time

and ok stat boy chan ho's gave up more ground balls then fly balls hit against him last year when happ gave up twice as many fly balls over grounders. i dont know about you but i would rather have grounders in CBP.

respect a fastball? majority of hits and homeruns are hit off of fastballs. its obviously alot easier to kill and leave up high then say a curve ball. it has nothing to do with respecting a fastball. it has everything to do with arm speed to fool the batter to think its a fastball. so learn the game.

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