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04-02-2009, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersCup08 View Post
Okay, before you hang me, I have read the other threads similar to this, and I don't think they address my point specifically.

If TB wins the draft lottery, giving them No. 1 overall and (assuming) the Islanders land No. 2, I would say that it makes more sense for TB to draft Hedman because of their center situation of Lecavalier and Stamkos.

Therefore, since I believe that Tavares will go No. 1 overall, and Islanders would kill to have him, do you think TB would swap 1st rounders with the Isles? This way TB still gets Hedman, and they get whatever else the Isles are willing to part with. Even if it's just a 5th rounder, better than nothing.

Or, do you think the Isles would just settle for the No. 2 and risk taking Hedman (which is still not a bad pick at all) ?
Isles need both a stud defender and top line scoring.There was a recent informal poll asking 12 scouts, which of the 2 players they'd take #1.Tavares won the poll 7-5.

The isles suffered a pretty nasty pr backlash from their fans, after passing up Filatov last yr.Part of it they bought on themselves.Their scouts singled out Filatov for praise,their owner in a townhall like meeting bought up Filatov.So it wasn't surprising that the fans went into the draft,thinking he'd be an isle if he was on the board at #5.

This season, nyi fans have been pretty vocal about prefering Tavares.However, I think the Isles are laying the groundwork for drafting Hedman.A team sponsered(sp) blog said that regardless of who the fans wanted,the isles had to draft the BPA.We're seeing more pro Hedman comments from scouts on that site as if they are trying to sell the fans on Hedman.

So to answer you're question ,I think the isles would prefer the defenseman but will take the scorer if Hedman's gone by the 2nd pick.

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