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09-09-2004, 06:11 PM
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Sidney Crosby....5'10" / 175 LBS- Will he get bigger or basically what u see is what

undefinedJust wondering a little something about Sidney Crosby. He is listed at 5'11" and 175 lbs, now that is very small for todays NHL, he is 17 but probably still growing usually guys grow till they are like 20 or so.I mean the kid has tremendous potential but will he be able to succeed at the NHL level being that small. Well Im sure he will be succesful, but do you think he will be as dominant considering his size.

Will he be that 90 point a season player, or more a season ,especiallly the way gretz is making him sound, or with his size will he be more of a 60-70 point player. I know its early to say because he is only 17 and isnt even drafted yet. But, from what has been said what do you all think his carreer can be like? I know what u all are gonna say" look at St.Louis and Gionta and York and Gomez ,Comrie, brad richards, even vets like sakic... They are all small, but are having successful carreers, but my main point is the way he dominats the QMJHL, do u think he has the skills to dominate the NHL the same way? I mean in QMJHL he is racking up amazing #'s there, if he could come to the NHL and do the same thing putting up 100 plus points a season, not every season but a constant 90 point player, I think it would do wonders for the NHL. It would make people want to watch more considering they get to see some one like him play.

Thats all, can Crosby dominate at the NHL level the way he has in the QMJHL is the question?

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