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09-09-2004, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Sotnos
Because it protects the almighty Game from undeserving people like you and me! You see, it doesn't snow in the South. Having snow is a requirement for making "good" hockey fans, or at least that's what you'd believe by reading this board.

That's the only thing that gets us some slack, and it doesn't get us much. Tampa was ahead of Florida on most people's hitlists before this past season, though I did recently see a suggestion that the whole team should be transplanted to Quebec as opposed to contracted.

Anyone who says the talent is "diluted" doesn't grasp the concept that expansion coincided with more players coming to the NHL from Europe, either that or they just want all the talent on their own team. I can't understand why we keep seeing this argument when it's been shown time and time again that it is false.
Lack of patience. Teams placed in the south don't become established overnight. Hell, the don't even become established over a decade. It takes closer to a generation before that happens. But those farther north who aren't in close proximity to a team want one badly, which is understandable. They choose to overlook the fact that this will take time and, if allowed, will work. Any perceived weakness of a team is a small (albeit false) opening for them to say "We'll it's not gonna work in the south, they don't have the support/tradition to sustain it."

It's a tiresome and self-serving argument, one that grates on me as well. I can understand some of their feelings but that still doesn't excuse trying to re-hash the same false assumptions over and over again. Whatcha gonna do but keep on keepin' on?

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