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04-03-2009, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Opus View Post
I don't think it's BS, but that's just me. I remember reading the day before, IIRC, that we had like $23,000 cap room.

I don't feel, at the time that Giroux was that essential but clearly something had to give. What if other injuries/sickness set in? We'd have been ****ed. In many regards, we still are.

What Holmgren did was ease the cap pressure and brought in another player (Carcillo) who is signed cheaper, and thru next season. In doing so, it allowed Giroux to stay with the team...which has proven effective.

I think we can all say that if there was no cap, Upshall would most likely still be a Flyer.

While team chemisty is something of importance, to suggest that Upshall is the reason for the 7-7 record, IMO, is stretching it. Yes he was an energy player that went balls to the wall with pretty much every shift, but he was producing numbers where it would make that kind of difference. At least not to me.

I have nothing against Upshall, I like him here, still do like him...he's an easy guy to like and a player you like having on your team. At the end of the day though, this is Scottie Upshall we're talking about...he only had 7 goals.
I agree with a lot of this. I keep seeing people say well if A dman gets hurt we can just send giroux down for a couple games. Well what they arent thinking about is that if someone like Timonen gets hurt essentially giroux gets hurt too. What if Kimmo was hurt for like 10 games? We would lose the two of them, a valuable top 9 forward AND out best player for 10 games. We would be ****** and possibly miss the playoffs completely.

What upshall does on another team really doesnt matter because he WAS NOT going to do it here, ever! He was going tobe let go in the offseason. From what ive heard he was asking for 2.5+ next year. No I dont have a link, Its just what ive heard from a couple people I know working with the Flyers. I guess we will see what he gets this summer and we can decide how terrible this trade is. I mean, yes Upshall is a better player than Carcillo but its not like he was producing here either. He was playing 10-12 minutes a night so anyone that says that he sparked the team with his energy is ridiculous. The guy got like 3-4 shifts a period.

The team chemistry thing is stupid too. Come on, these guys are professionals. If they are sad because their little buddy is gone and that is effecting their play then they dont deserve to win anyway. Chemistry is one thing, but being friends is another. Chemistry ON THE ICE is what im worried about. Like dont break up big time scoring lines. Was the chemistry on Upshalls line so good that it hurt the team to break them up? No.

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