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04-03-2009, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The team doesn't need just "buzz," or "excitement." They need to build a consistent winner. They don't need to be Atlanta v2.0.

I understand like a late first round pick has a pretty small chance to becoming a NHL player, but it's not like Hedman is a significantly less of a prospect.

Thank you.

One appreciates the concern that a few fans and reporters (who clearly wish to become marketers in their next lives ) have about putting "fannies in the seats" on Long Island.

It is a legitimate point.

But given disproportionate importance with regard to this pick. And that's being kind.

If NYI simply wants "celebrity" they will draft Britney Spears #1. That will fill the building. The "wow" factor of Tavares or whomever will be old news by Christmas if the team stinks.

No, the Isles will pick the best player on the board when their time comes up. The player who the believe will help them win. Period. Regardless of whther he is a glamourus "personality" or a boorish mute.

What matters is what takes place on the ice. SUBSTANCE, not style.

"Scoreboard" will pack the Coliseum.


As an NYI fan, I'm looking forward to that day in June when they land Tavares or Hedman (or Duchene). There is no downside, no melodrama, whatsoever to whether they end up picking 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

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